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The Griffin Firm

Elder Services

The Griffin Firm is mindful that as we mature, our circumstances and situations change. The Griffin Firm works with individuals and families to develop strategies of support that will protect assets and loved ones. The Griffin Firm collaborates with other professionals with the resources to enhance the quality of life through the various stages of aging.

The Griffin Firm will litigate when necessary in areas such as a breach of fiduciary duty or financial exploitation when someone has taken advantage of an elder or vulnerable adult.

The Griffin Firm advocates for individuals to protect and preserve their authority to maintain decision-making authority when less restrictive options are available. We will also support the families when needing to gain guardianship and conservatorship to protect the person or the assets of a person who is no longer able to protect him or herself.

We know that the situations are as unique as each person and we don’t take lightly the outcomes or the approach necessary. The Griffin Firm looks to find the most effective and compassionate strategy.

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