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Estate Planning and Business Attorneys.

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About The Griffin Firm

Trusted Partners

The Griffin Firm empowers people and groups to create and protect wealth in order to leave a legacy for their family and community.

Estate Planning

The Griffin Firm will develop a strategic plan that protects your assets while creating a multigenerational legacy.

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Elder Services

The Griffin Firm provides support for your aging loved one during decision-making and asset protection.

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Business Planning & Development

The Griffin Firm supports businesses and organizations to create a strategic plan for growth and succession.

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Estate Administration

The Griffin Firm will support you through the probate process by navigating the legal complexities after the passing of a loved one.

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Veterans Benefits

The Griffin Firm is accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs to support veterans in applying for earned benefits.

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Create, Protect and Transfer Your Wealth with a

Personal Board of Directors.

PBoD© is The Griffin Firm’s signature collaborative legacy building program. We will assemble a powerhouse team of economic empowerment professionals to create a singular plan that creates, protects, and transfers of your wealth.

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