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US Black Chambers Adds the Missing Piece to President Obama’s New Executive Actions to Reduce Gun Violence

Recently, the White House released a fact sheet outlining new executive actions to reduce gun violence. Upon reviewing the fact sheet, President of the US Black Chambers, Inc. had this to say:

“The correlation between economic disparity and gun violence is grossly missing from the national conversation on gun control.

The reality is the economic conditions facing the majority of Black Americans leaves them vulnerable to crime and targets for police brutality.

Serious policies must be put in place to alleviate the economic conditions of those most impacted by gun violence. Policies that support the growth of Black owned enterprises, in an effort to create economic growth in communities devastated by crime and economic disparity.”

The US Black Chambers, Inc. is a proponent of gun reform and promotes increasing Black-owned businesses as a logical and common sense approach to alleviating crime that is brought on by economic conditions.

The US Black Chambers, Inc. Blog Post – January 2016

Photo Credit – US Black Chambers

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