Business Planning and Development

The Griffin Firm, PLLC has a history of supporting individuals and businesses start and grow businesses from the idea stage to job creators.

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Estate Planning

The Griffin Firm works with individuals, families and businesses to strategically plan for the transfer and creation of wealth for the economic growth as well as thoughtful tax planning that includes managing disability planning.

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Elder Services

With a commitment to elder law, Aimee Griffin has earned a Master in Laws in Elder Law and Estate Planning. This commitment has supported her ability to assist clients in thinking through and planning the supports that are encountered later in life.

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The truthful reality is that the best laid plans do not always work out the way we would like. Occasionally, it is necessary to use the support of the law to help individuals and businesses to have a fresh start or have some space to get caught up.

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The Griffin Firm is an organization that meets people and groups where they are to build upon their skills for enhancement and sustainability for the greater good.

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The Griffin Firm is committed to providing services and supports to increase the capacity of individuals, businesses and communities.